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2021 01 29 13 06 05

Ugears is a world famous brand focus on 3D mechanical puzzle & toys, wooden handicrafts. We are dedicated to providing innovative, imaginative, intelligent and interactive products. Our fundamental mission is to supply “Total Puzzle Solution” to the world and make fun to all ages who assembling DIY Wooden Puzzle wooden toys.

We are confident that any person who assembles just one of our models will feel drawn into a new world of creativity and beautiful and ornate decorations that proudly display the assembler’s creativity.

Ugears Models is a startup with a growing worldwide reputation for selling unique, self-propelled, wooden mechanical puzzles, wood puzzle, 3d puzzles and educational toys. Each Wood puzzle model we sell has its own mechanical action that will amaze and delight.

Ugears kits come with everything you need for assembly. All parts are laser pre-cut into a high-quality plywood board for easy removal and assembly.  Motion is accomplished using rubber bands, gears and gravity. No glue, special expertise, tools or equipment are required to most mechanical puzzle models. 

Ugears Models

We believe that inside every person there is an artist and that we are all idealist people and love to see our ideas became real. We put all our effort to create challenging puzzles and also to design them to be pieces of art. Our goal is to convene harmonically the world of engineering and the world of creativity and art together and to give birth to something amazing

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